Let’s Get This Blog Going

Thank you for checking out my new blog.  I only have a rough idea of how it will evolve, but I am going to do everything I can to make it be fun and informative, and I hope that you engage with it and contribute ideas. Click on the title of a blog post to comment and see what other people are saying.

I also hope that you take some time to explore my entire website.  I have pulled together resources that I have been referring people to for years in one place.  Included, for example, are links to blog posts I have written about impact investing, enjoying Key West, Florida, and getting a job in the international humanitarian sector.  I also profile (among many other things) my favorite nonprofit organizations, articles on philanthropy, and conservative columnist (despite my liberal leanings).

In the days ahead, I am going to publish some resources related to my book coming out in May: Changing the World Without Losing Your Mind: Leadership Lessons from Three Decades of Social Entrepreneurship.  It will include a Foreword by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhamad Yunus. 

At one point early in the five-year journey it took to complete this title, I wrote down around 300 lessons related to topics as diverse as running a nonprofit organization effectively, raising money, travelling smart, and leading a balanced and healthy life.  Basically, I exhausted each and every thing that I have ever learned that I thought could be valuable to others – especially those in leadership positions with nonprofits, though most of the tips and ideas have applicability to other disciplines. 

A few of those discrete lessons are in the final chapters of the book, while some of the rest have been woven into the stories that I tell.  I will be publishing some of these practical tips and powerful ideas in a highly digestible list format on this blog in the days ahead, starting with 10 related to fund-raising, followed by others on different topics.  More complete lists of lessons will be available for free to people who buy the book. 

I am going on a book tour.  Public events have been scheduled in Chicago/Oak Park (May 9), Portland (May 29), Seattle (May 29-31), Key West (June 7), Sanford, NC (June 20), and Los Angeles (July 6).  Information about these author talks and book signings, and ones yet to be confirmed, will be posted soon.  I hope to see you at one of these sessions. 

I practiced my author talk at Columbia University earlier this month and the response was great, though I will be making some tweaks.  If you would like to host me in your city, send me an email and I will try to make it work.  Nonprofit organizations can also host me for a webinar for their supporters and/or for a brown bag lunch for their staff or board.      

Again, thanks for joining me on this journey.