Fund-Raising Counsel

Call Alex if Your Organization:

  • Struggles to raise the resources it needs to deliver on its mission and implement its programs or solutions on the scale they deserve to be.

  • Hesitates to ask potential donors for what they need most.

  • Has too few people who want to fund-raise because they find it difficult or distasteful and those who do are not well trained or coordinated.

  • Is leaving value on the table in its dealings with foundations, corporations and major gift prospects.  

  • Spends too little effort on those with the greatest potential to give but who are challenging to work with.

Alex can help your organization address fund-raising challenges holistically, sensitively, and in some cases, relatively quickly.  He built Grameen Foundation from a fledgling organization given a $6,000 seed grant in 1997 to a global humanitarian organization with $25 million in revenue in 2009.  At American India Foundation, he increased revenue by 25% by his second year after it has been stagnating for nearly a decade.

He achieves results by applying and adapting proven major gift fund-raising techniques and by building and managing great teams.  Through training and coaching he helps organizations rack up quick wins while optimizing long-term revenue.  Clients even come to enjoy the fund-raising process.

“After observing Alex’s effectiveness in facilitating meetings among leaders of India-focused philanthropies, Arogya retained him to lead our first-ever board retreat in India. He did a terrific job. Our knowledge of best practices in fund-raising and board development grew substantially through trainings he delivered. We are now forging ahead with confidence, to make the public health impact we know we can.”

— Nalini Saligram, Founder and CEO, Arogya World