Technical Writing

Call Alex If Your Organization:

  • Has been struggling for years to write and adopt a compelling case for support.

  • Has been unable to complete and adopt a digestible articulation of your organization’s history or forward-looking strategy.

  • Your stale, bland website copy isn’t producing the interest and engagement you need.

  • You spend excessive time creating, recreating, and editing foundational documents repeatedly, without ever achieving “That’s it!”

Alex has published four books and many articles as well as completing hundreds of internal documents for organizations he has been associated with in leadership positions.  Writing is something he enjoys.  Alex can take draft or edit key organizational documents that need a fresh pair of eyes with strong writing skills in a nonprofit context.  His approach is to adopt the language, terminology, and values of his clients in composing or revising key organizational documents that need to be completed with high quality on a timeline but have previously resisted closure.  The wording must feel right to a critical mass of stakeholders in his client organizations.

“Alex Counts is an impressive thought leader, an innovator, and someone who can get things done. I have long admired his leadership in the microfinance and international humanitarian movements. As a consultant, he produced valuable work product to me on a tight deadline – the kind of deliverable that only an experienced CEO can give. Not everyone can make the transition from industry leader to consultant and university instructor, but Alex is well on his way to showing how it can be done.”

— Premal Shah | Co-Founder & President | Kiva - Loans that Change Lives