Executive Coaching

Call Alex If Your Organization’s President/CEO/Executive Director:

  • Excels in some areas but consistently struggles in others that are important to mission advancement.  

  • Shows signs of burnout, difficulty maintaining boundaries, or has wellness issues that appear related to on-the-job stress.

  • Has difficulty setting priorities, managing relationships with his/her board or donors, or working effectively with senior staff members.

  • Gravitates towards work they are most comfortable with or to urgent matters, rather than what is most important, valuable and needed.

  • Struggles to update their style of management and leadership after a period of rapid growth, unexpected contraction, or a significant change in the external landscape/environment. 

  • Is in his/her first role leading and organization and is learning on the job at the expense of the organization.    

Alex’s new book Changing the World Without Losing Your Mind provides the foundation for providing customized input and insights to get nonprofit leaders to perform at a high level while remaining mentally and physically healthy.   

Alex has advised leaders based on his experience leading and governing after having led small as well as large and complex nonprofit organizations for two decades.  He focuses his nonprofit practice on advising first-time leaders of small to medium-sized mission-driven organizations.  He varies his approach to fit the needs of particular leaders.  His approach includes directly observing leaders, private coaching, weekly or monthly structured or unstructured conversations held remotely or in person, review and commenting on documents, talking to and surveying other stakeholders, and assigning readings and online courses.   His aim is to make the growth process enjoyable and the results visible.  

As a founding member of the Advisory Council for the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI), Alex has contributed deeply and repeatedly to the Center’s success. From the first, he helped CFI build a community and acted as ambassador to connect us to key people and organizations. Over the years, he continues to keep us accountable in the best way, by calling us toward our mission and by holding us to high organizational and operational standards. We regularly benefit from both his broad guidance and many specific practical suggestions.

— Beth Rhyne, Managing Director of the Center for Financial Inclusion