Starting or Improving the Performance of a U.S. Sister Organization of a Foreign NGO/Social Entrepreneur

Call Alex If:

  • You are a social entrepreneur outside of the United States with urgent needs for more financial and human resources to advance your mission and you are wondering how to tap into the wealth of money, people and technology in America.

  • You have begun the registration process but ran into barriers and hurdles that defy easy resolution.

  • You have a board or even staff team in place raising money for your work as a “Friends of” type sister organization but they are underperforming compared to your expectations, or even theirs.

  • Your “Friends Of” or Sister Organization complains that you don’t know what it takes to raise money and talent in the U.S. and their arguments don’t make sense to you.

  • You are part of a Friends Of or Sister organization in the United States that has difficulty getting the attention of the social entrepreneur who set your organization up, or getting them to understand what is needed to be successful.

  • Your family of organizations struggle with having multiple boards of directors (for regulatory reasons) that don’t always work effectively together.   

Alex established Grameen Foundation, the original U.S./international arm of the Grameen Bank at the request of Professor Muhammad Yunus, one of the greatest (and most demanding) social entrepreneurs ever.  It was not easy, since he was given only $6,000 in seed funds.  But he succeeded in assembling a team that built GF into a world-class organization that worked in tandem with the Grameen Bank and later, with other Grameen/Yunus sister organizations that sprung up around the world.  

He also served on and chaired the board of Fonkoze USA, and co-chaired a committee made up of the board leaders of all three organizations in the “Fonkoze Family” as an effort to drive increased coordination and synergy.  

He can help social entrepreneurs anywhere set up U.S.-based support organizations or get existing ones to perform at a higher level through training, coaching, facilitation, and brining other appropriate resources.  He does this in a customized manner, meeting an entrepreneur and their U.S. team (if there is one) where they are and helping them reach their goals and dreams.  

“Alex Counts as well as his capabilities and track record were well-known to Indiaspora before he became our Senior Philanthropy Adviser in a consulting capacity. During about one year of work for us spanning several philanthropy initiatives, he demonstrated his talents related to project management, planning, coalition-building, public speaking, meeting facilitation, teamwork, writing (as an author of several posts to our blog), mentoring young professionals on our team, and advising us on critical decisions in a timely manner. He consistently delivered what he promised, on or ahead of schedule. The value he added to our mission is obvious to everyone connected to Indiaspora.”

— Sanjeev Joshipura, Executive Director, Indiaspora