“Alex Counts is an impressive thought leader, an innovator, and someone who can get things done.  I have long admired his leadership in the microfinance and international humanitarian movements.  As a consultant, he produced valuable work product to me on a tight deadline – the kind of deliverable that only an experienced CEO can give.   Not everyone can make the transition from industry leader to consultant and university instructor, but Alex is well on his way to showing how it can be done.” 

- Premal Shah | Co-Founder | Kiva - Loans that Change Lives 

“It’s fair to say that few people have played a bigger role in the evolution of microfinance than Alex Counts. A truly seminal figure in the sector, he began his international development career at Grameen Bank.... While guiding Grameen Foundation through its own impressive growth, Counts became a passionate defender of the broader microfinance sector… Counts has remained a clear-eyed and sharp-tongued defender of the industry, penning multiple books and articles, and remaining active in both financial inclusion and other development work….Besides offering a ringside view of the tumultuous growth of both Grameen Foundation and the microfinance movement, [his new] book provides some of the most useful (and personal) advice we’ve read for social impact leaders facing the opportunities and obstacles of scale – including the unique challenges that come with success.”

– James Militzer, Editor, NextBillion

“As a founding member of the Advisory Council for the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI), Alex has contributed deeply and repeatedly to the Center’s success. From the first, he helped CFI build a community and acted as ambassador to connect us to key people and organizations. Over the years, he continues to keep us accountable in the best way – by calling us toward our mission and by holding us to high organizational and operational standards. We regularly benefit from both his broad guidance and many specific practical suggestions. “ 

- Beth Rhyne, Managing Director, Center for Financial Inclusion

“I first came to know Alex as a peer, when he was the CEO of the American India Foundation.  In that role he became a trusted and respected professional colleague and he helped draw our two organizations closer together.  I was able to work even more closely with Alex when he became a consultant who focused on bringing together a diverse coalition of nonprofits advancing the humanitarian agenda in India to work collaboratively towards common goals.  His skillful facilitation and leadership in steering the coalition has made all the difference.”    

- Bala Venkatachalam, Executive Director, Pratham USA

“I have always admired the leadership skills Alex demonstrated as CEO of Grameen Foundation for its first 18 years.  He has also added consistent value as a board member of the Deutsche Bank Microcredit Development Fund (DBMDF).  His grounded, pragmatic, and active participation in our meetings and governance has helped the DBMDF make the impact it has.  His thought leadership in the microfinance and international humanitarian movements is well known.   I see his skills translating very well into a consulting practice and recommend him without reservation.”

– Gary Hattem, former President, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation and board member, Deutsche Bank Microcredit Development Fund  

"Alex Counts as well as his capabilities and track record were well-known to Indiaspora before he became our Senior Philanthropy Adviser in a consulting capacity.  During about one year of work for us spanning several philanthropy initiatives, he demonstrated his talents related to project management, planning, coalition-building, public speaking, meeting facilitation, teamwork, writing (as an author of several posts to our blog), mentoring young professionals on our team, and advising us on critical decisions in a timely manner.  He consistently delivered what he promised, on or ahead of schedule.  The value he added to our mission is obvious to everyone connected to Indiaspora." 

- Sanjeev Joshipura, Executive Director, Indiaspora  

“After observing Alex’s effectiveness in facilitating meetings among leaders of India-focused philanthropies, Arogya retained him to lead our first-ever board retreat in India.  He did a terrific job.   Our knowledge of best practices in fund-raising and board development grew substantially through trainings he delivered.  We are now forging ahead with confidence, to make the public health impact we know we can.” 

-Nalini Saligram, Founder and CEO, Arogya World

“Alex was referred to us by another company to help is in the process of expanding our board for a non-profit organization focusing on transitional living and support services for young adults on the autism spectrum in the California Bay Area. We wanted to strengthen and educate our board with a more formal governance structure as well as to establish best practices for fundraising. Alex was able to quickly assess our situation and needs and pull from a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to create a seminar for our board. We were immediately able to solidify our structure and our practices based on what we learned.

He has been very flexible with us as our needs change, and has provided continued follow up support working through a variety of situations. He has also provided us with excellent resources and materials that have been appropriate for our stage of development to take us to the next level. His generosity with his time and expertise, and his notable care for us as a board, has clearly demonstrated his desire to help organizations grow and thrive.”

 - Valerie Plummer, Board member of Shire House