Major Articles

Alumni Profile: Alex Counts.” This interview of me published by the Fulbright Association in its June 2019 newsletter pulls together some of the key ideas related to my book Changing the World Without Losing Your Mind.

Interview with me published by This also came out around the time of my latest book being published.

“Reimagining Microfinance” (Stanford Social Innovation Review, Summer 2008)

Factors That Contribute to Exponential Growth: Case Studies for Massive Outreach to the Poor and Poorest by Alex Counts, Roshaneh Zafar, and Erin Connor


Toward Reinventing Microfinance Through Solving the “Last-Mile Problem”: Bringing Clean Energy Solutions and Actionable Information to the Poor, by Alex Counts with invaluable assistance from Julia Arnold, Muhammad Nurul Alam, Heather Thorne, and Nicola Armacost