Alex provides most of his consulting services to nonprofit organizations and social enterprises in the following five categories (follow the hyperlink to learn more about each):

  • Executive Coaching. Alex can assist a nonprofit CEO, particularly one in their first leadership role or who is navigating challenging times, to thrive professionally and personally.

  • Nonprofit Governance. Alex has helped build several high performing nonprofit governing bodies and can help your organization do the same.

  • Coalition Effectiveness. Alex can help launch or reinvigorate coalitions of social sector organizations with the aim of magnifying their collective impact.

  • Technical Writing. Certain key documents such as a case for support and strategic plan can be difficult to draft and get closure on amidst all the other things nonprofits must do. Alex can help you complete this process in a way that stakeholders will get behind.

  • Starting a U.S. Arm of a Non-U.S. NGO. If your organization is leading the charge for social or environmental change outside the United States and wants to set up a fund-raising or operating arm in the U.S., Alex can leverage his experience to help.