Nonprofit Governance

Call Alex If Your Board:

  • Spends too much time debating and directing staff, and not enough time learning and making decisions appropriate for a governing body.

  • Has committees that are underperforming or nonfunctional.

  • Infringes on the prerogatives of management.

  • Serves as a passive “rubber stamp” without adding much value.

  • Isn’t contributing much to the organization’s fund-raising and revenue needs.

  • Has members who vote for action items and later undermine those decisions.

  • Has members not come to meetings, arrive late, leave early, spend most of the meeting distracted, join meetings unprepared, or appear to participate mainly to advance their own agendas.

Alex has been part of building several high functioning boards, both as a CEO and as a board member, officer, and chairman.  He does not believe there are quick fixes to turning a non-functioning or poorly functioning board around.  Alex has seen that underperforming boards can become a major force for good in the life of a nonprofit organization.  It takes teamwork and it is done one good meeting, one good new member, one well-crafted committee meeting, and even one agenda item at a time.  He can adapt his approach to working with boards and staff leadership teams to the specific needs of an organization, whether it be dealing with conflict and dissent, becoming more active and effective in fund-raising, evaluating the CEO, or adding value to the nonprofit enterprise in other ways.

“Alex was referred to us by another company to help is in the process of expanding our board for a non-profit organization focusing on transitional living and support services for young adults on the autism spectrum in the California Bay Area. We wanted to strengthen and educate our board with a more formal governance structure as well as to establish best practices for fundraising. Alex was able to quickly assess our situation and needs and pull from a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to create a seminar for our board. We were immediately able to solidify our structure and our practices based on what we learned.

He has been very flexible with us as our needs change, and has provided continued follow up support working through a variety of situations. He has also provided us with excellent resources and materials that have been appropriate for our stage of development to take us to the next level. His generosity with his time and expertise, and his notable care for us as a board, has clearly demonstrated his desire to help organizations grow and thrive.”

 - Valerie Plummer, Board member of Shire House